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Drexel Confessions and Missed Connections

Illustration by Eva Shnaiden

I should have never dated my ex freshman year. There were so many red flags that I just ignored.

6 years ago at a party on Brandywine. I was jumping on a couch. You were glaring at me when I asked if you would join. I miss you everyday.

Buildings where you, a student with enough patience and resolve, can smoke a J: Academic, Curtis, Lebow, Main, Macalister, Nesbitt, Randell

One night freshman year, I knew a kid who got really wasted and left his suite covered in his own poop. I see him around campus now all the time and can’t make eye contact.

I would go to war for Lena Fine

I go on dates just to get free dinner.

When is the right time to tell your best friend you love them?

I don’t feel bad for dumping my ex.

I thought an Amber Alert was my BeReal notif the other day. Shameful.

The balls on Lancaster Walk suck

Fix gym equipment?? Nah… balls