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Predictable Playlist Chronicles of College Kids

You want to know something I don’t understand about college kids these days? You probably don’t, but I’m going to tell you anyway. 

We seem to have a playlist for everything. When people are sad, they listen to their R&B list, which ranges from “Playing Games” by Summer Walker to “Sad, Beautiful, Tragic” by Taylor Swift;  it really depends on if you got left on read or dumped (which are kind of the same thing to those of us who live on Snapchat and haven’t been in an actual relationship). And of course  there is the “I’m better” playlist which is filled with songs by The Weeknd and SZA.  

When people are mad and want to scream, they listen to some rap and do twenty reps of god knows what in the gym… they think it’s their “gym era.” It’s not (They don’t go back until New Year’s, which only lasts for a week). And if they actually do stick with the gym grind, it starts off with songs from Drake’s newest album that they forced themselves to listen to, until they secretly go back to their 2010 throwback list.  

When people are happy…well, I don’t even know…what do you do, pull out YouTube and type in “When you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands?” Yeah, you may be able to tell I’m a bit snippy right now… I’m currently listening to “Never Lose Me” by Flo Milli; I’m in my bad bleep/academic weapon era. Never mind the fact that my “sad girl” and “I’m better”  playlists had been on repeat for the past two weeks… don’t ask me whether I got left on read or dumped. They’re basically the same thing 😉 

Are you mad at my brutal honesty? Go play “Niagara Falls” by Metroboomin, Travis Scott and 21 Savage, then skip to 31 seconds. It’s a rap song, there’s a lot you can learn from me.  

College kids, man, so predictable.