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Being miserable: Drexel kids trying to be funny

In a shocking turn of events, the Fizz app has become the official sponsor of Drexel University’s unhappiness — move over, textbooks, there is a new source of misery in town. While the first day of passively scrolling on the app induced a couple chuckles, progressively posts became more alarming. Posts about high tuition, chronic loneliness, inconsiderate roommates and the return of COVID-19 beg the question: Are Drexel students happy? 

The short answer is no; if anything the vast majority of Drexel students posting online are unhappy. While this article will provide at least one viable suggestion, this article will conveniently be published about a month before transfer applications are due. 

Within the Fizz app, there are various sections. For those living under a rock, the Drexel University Fizz is organized into three distinct feeds. The first section contains Top posts, which have been most upvoted by other students in the Drexel fizz community, the second is Fizzin’, dedicated to posts that have recently been posted but are receiving a lot of attention, and lastly, the New section which is self-explanatory. The New feed makes you wonder if Drexel students are trying too hard to be funny or just majorly depressed.

Exhibit A: Two screenshots were posted on the app on Wednesday, Jan. 31 side by side. The first is a picture from the Drexel Class of 2027’s Snapchat story of what is supposed to be a black screen but is a picture of someone’s finger on the camera captioned, “Hi! My Scooter was stolen right outside of URBN center (34th and market) while I was in class from 12:20-12:50 p.m. today”…. Yap…yap… make and model… yap…yap…yap.. “I have filed a police report.” 

The second screenshot is a blacker picture on the Drexel class of 2027 story captioned “Selling my scooter $250,” “Price is negotiable” and “add me if you want,” It is not funny on paper but if you are trying to find it the user name of the poster is “Anonymous.”

But by far we can all agree the best Fizz posts are observational. However, some observations need not be shared with everyone like one post from Anonymous reading, “I got 10 hours of sleep like a good student… unfortunately it does actually make a difference.” I don’t know about y’all but I don’t need to hear about how awesome your sleep schedule is compared to mine… unfortunately, some of us are not marketing majors. 

The true issue I find with this app is once you get off it for a few days, your feed is flooded with jokes you do not understand. For example, anyone who was not using Fizz during its debut week probably would not understand the inconsiderate roommate reference. To anyone who did get the reference, please consider going on a walk, trying yoga or at the very least posting some funnier content. The only thing spreading faster than Fizz posts on campus is the realization that maybe we should all transfer to a school with a better sense of humor.