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40 trends of this spring | The Triangle

40 trends of this spring

  1. Florals (for Spring? Groundbreaking.)
  2. Blueberry milk nails (of course)
  3. Chocolate syrup hair
  4. Comfy, causal, homeless, grandfather sweaters
  5. Strawberry shortcake, lemon meringue, peach pie ombré pants
  6. Hot Cheetos flamin’ engine firebender nails
  7. Moonshine dangly earpieces (and the matching finger wraps)
  8. Taylor Swift-inspired fake country accents
  9. Cabbage Patch Kid core 
  10. Cyber monkey loser sweatpants (aka me on a Saturday)
  11. Sleazy frat boy hungover situationships
  12. Upcoming Week 9 existential crisis
  13. Slurpee 7-Eleven swimsuits
  14. Hairless Harry Styles capri pants
  15. Greta Gerwig’s Oscar
  16. Socks and sandals
  17. Calling your ex-girlfriend’s favorite movie “self-masturbatory” on Letterboxd
  18. Calling chai tea lattes “tea tea with milk”
  19. Turtle shell horsehair Phoebe Bridgers Doc Martens
  20. Carrot juice, sea moss, plum soda Erewhon smoothies
  21. Vitamin B deficiency
  22. Fried bacon grease omelet hyaluronic acid serum
  23. Disco
  24. Dragon’s Den trauma bonding
  25. Worst-sure-shire sauce
  26. Tanning beds
  27. Yap-anese
  28. Meeting word counts on essays
  29. Lana Del Rey vinyl listening, Sylvia Plath’s “The Bell Jar” reading, Sofia Coppola’s coquette main characters
  30. Dakota Johnson’s limes
  31. Dakota Johnson’s lime allergy
  32. Shaken espressos made by a barista with green hair
  33. Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar Jones in Normal People
  34. Florence Pugh’s cooking show
  35. Alaska Airlines oxygen masks
  36. Jacob Elordi “Saltburn” bathwater scented candles
  37. America Ferrera’s “Barbie” monologue
  38. Emma Pillsbury’s OCD
  39. Timothee Chalamet Victorian child potato cakes
  40. Losing the plot of lists that aren’t really lists