10 Things to Remember in College | The Triangle

10 Things to Remember in College

1. Always have your key 

You might think that you left the door unlocked, but the lock might decide to break, and then you are stuck in your shower robe looking for your roommate to unlock the door. 

2. Wear flip-flops in the shower 

No exceptions. You do not want to get athlete’s foot. That is just unpleasant. 

3. Every coffee place is busy (Saxby’s, Lebow’s Starbucks, Pret, etc.) 

If you plan on getting coffee before class, go a little early. You do not want to have a mini panic attack while waiting in line, afraid that you will be late. 

4. Use the dining plan 

Listen, you already have to pay for it, so you might as well take advantage of it. Even if this means having a bowl of Froot Loops every day. 

Pro tip: Hans has acai bowls and milkshakes, so take advantage.

5. Set your alarms 

You might think that waking up for a 10 a.m. class might be a piece of cake because you woke up earlier for high school, but not anymore. A 10 a.m. class will now feel like 5 a.m. 

6. Don’t use the elevator in the Academic building

It’s rickety and run-down. Do not use it, unless you want to fear for your life.

7. Lincoln Plaza and Drexel One Plaza are not Drexel buildings

You might have class there, but they are not official Drexel buildings. No, I do not know why.

8. The Main Building is confusing

If you feel like you are lost, it’s ok. The main building is a goddamn maze.

9. Enjoy Philadelphia

Explore UPenn and Center City. Just get out and have fun.

10. Do not go out alone when it is dark 

Stay safe and do not be stupid.