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Travel platform celebrates launch at Knit Wit boutique

Photo by George Evan
Photo by George Evan

Wear We Went, a new travel and hospitality platform launched May 9 during a party at Center City boutique Knit Wit. Normally, the boutique celebrates the summer season with an annual bathing suit bash. This year, Wear We Went partnered with owner Ann Gitter to showcase bathing suits, beach essentials and share the fashion editorials from the newly launched website, created by Mollie Snyder and Ian Crumm.

Wear We Went is a travel platform that works with hotels around the world to highlight amazing places to visit, explore and experience in the most fashionable way. During the event at Knit Wit, editorial photos of Beijing’s Four Seasons hotel and Sanya’s Renaissance Resort & Spa were broadcasted for guests to see. The travel platform also suggests some of the best hotels to book around the world.

In the coming months, Wear We Went will feature editorials from Richmond, Chicago, London, Milan and Lisbon. The target audience is aimed towards the millennial traveler who is seeking a luxury or unique experience in a hospitality setting.

Aside from featuring hotels, the platform also highlights various fashion brands and city guides. For more information, visit