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Style Guide: Sweltering Summer

As the summer heat turns up, wearing an outfit that ensures you stay cool has become a priority for most. Whether you’re walking around the city or just a few blocks to class, you’ll inevitably be affected by this heat. With so many types of clothing no longer being viable options, if you want to survive the summer (goodbye skinny jeans), we’ve come up with a few heatwave staples that will keep you looking cute and staying cool.

  1. Printed cotton shorts

Cotton is an ideal material for summer. Since it doesn’t cling  to your skin, this breathable article will be a major key during these trying summer times.

  1. Knotted tank tops

Sleeves are so springtime. Loose and flowy tank tops are a winner for the summer season. Plus, you’ll avoid any awkward tan lines those cap sleeves can leave you with. To up the style ante on a classic tank, tie a knot at the front for a little extra sass.

  1. Off the shoulder

So there is a way to (sort of) wear sleeves during this season. Off the shoulder tops are super chic and can be paired easily with shorts or skirts. Flowy tops in this department will be your best bet, making sure you’re able to keep the air circulating.

  1. Midi skirt

The wind tunnels in this city and skirts do not always mix well. An easy fix to that is to wear a midi skirt! They’re still playful and fun while letting your legs have room to breathe. Opt for something light like a tulle and lace skirt.

  1. Open back dresses

Not many things feel better then having the wind cool down your neck and back when the sun is mercilessly beating down on you. A dress with an open or low back is ideal when it comes to the brutal heat we’re currently experiencing. summer-stuff-actual