Street style: Abbey Nesbitt | The Triangle

Street style: Abbey Nesbitt

Photo by Mary Elizabeth Hoffman
Photo by Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Abbey Nesbitt, sophomore, graphic design major

Wearing: Abercrombie shirt and jeans, Forever 21 jacket and Doc Martens boots.

The Triangle: How would you describe your current personal style?

Abbey Nesbitt: I would say that my style is pretty minimal. I tend to go for comfort and simplicity. I wear a lot of blacks and neutrals and a couple of muted prints here and there.

TT: Where do you get style inspiration?

AN: Musicians and artists. I am really into both fields of music and design and I love the way that a lot of my favorite artists dress.

TT: How do you determine your outfit for the day?

AN: Honestly, I just kind of throw things together in the morning. I’m not too much of a planner. I guess whatever feels right.

TT: What are two timeless pieces in your wardrobe?

AN: A pair of black jeans because they go with anything, and my jean jacket because it’s a good layering piece.

TT: What are some of your favorite places to shop?

AN: Philly has some great thrift shops. I really like Buffalo Exchange and Philly Aids Thrift. Besides that, I am usually stalking Zara’s TRF online or the sale section at Urban Outfitters.

TT: What’s your personal motto on style?

AN: Wear whatever makes you comfortable. I think if you’re comfortable you’re confident, and that’s pretty important to personal style.