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Photo Courtesy Samantha Stone
Photo Courtesy Samantha Stone

Often in life the sensitization to people’s struggles brings to mind ideas to help them with these struggles. But seldom do we act on these ideas. Jeff Steitz and Ryan Westberg, founders of Serengetee, are of the latter kind — the ones who take that leap for humanity.  Steitz and Westberg met on a semester at sea one summer during their junior year of college. At every stop the boys made, they explored  markets and cities and were enchanted by the culture and people that they encountered. Steitz and Westberg noticed all the different fabrics that every place had, whether it be Asia, Africa or Central America. They realized that they wanted to use the fabrics they had seen in all of the countries they visited and wanted to create something that would benefit not only them, but others too.

Despite their financial constraints and virtually no experience in the fashion industry, they started sewing patches of fabric onto T-shirts and shipping them out from their dorm room. As Serengetee grew larger and larger, Steitz and Westberg were able to gather fabrics from over 25 countries including India, Nepal and Ghana. Through buying these different fabrics, they are supporting families, artisans and prolonging some the ancient fabric making traditions. Although they are supporting these people, the greatest thing about Serengetee is that with every product a customer buys, may it be clothing, hats, bags, room decor or accessories, 10 percent of the profit goes to varied organizations.. Serengetee supports Generosity Water, Pencils of Promise and A21 Campaign.

Ultimately these patches of fabrics take on a whole new meaning when you think about it. These patches don’t just make a fashion statement, but they also represent someone’s livelihood. The most amazing thing is it’s a lot easier to get involved with Serengetee than you think. The best thing anyone could do for Serengetee is to purchase one of their products, because it will help someone and you’ll end up with an awesome piece of merchandise. Serengetee has opportunities for college students to get involved as campus representatives, which helps promote Serengetee’s name on college campuses throughout the world. Finally, Serengetee is an amazing online store and has a great message. Steitz and Westberg started with little experience and a dream. But with a lot of hard work and dedication, Serengetee has become more than a step or a leap; it is an upcoming organization of global fame.