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Blogger feature: Ian Michael Crumm

Photo by George Evan
Photo by George Evan

Ian Michael Crumm is a fourth-year communications major and the founder of a blog named for himself, where he shares his menswear styles, travel tips and lifestyle happenings. Crumm started getting involved in the fashion scene when he first came to Drexel University. The opportunity to help with a fashion show in Philadelphia led him to meet local designers and begin freelancing projects for them. Working on multiple projects inspired him to create a focused site to share all of his fashion projects, experiences and musings. Crumm is dedicated to providing the most up to date and fashionable experiences for readers of the site and the followers of his different social media accounts.

The Triangle: How would you describe your website?

Ian Michael Crumm: is a combination of style, travel and menswear. It’s a space to look for outfit ideas and see interesting places to visit. I kicked off 2015 with a trip to China, where I traveled to Beijing and Sanya. Over the next couple of months, I will be sharing travel stories and destinations on my website all while highlighting personal style and great clothing.

TT: How do you get people to follow your website and how do you keep those followers?

IMC: Collaborations and partnerships are wonderful ways to build new audiences. In the fall of 2014, I worked with Century 21 department stores for a promotion during the new store opening in Philadelphia as well as hosted an event called “The Shopping Block for Refinery 29” at King of Prussia Mall. Both partnerships were beneficial in gaining new readers. Social media and email newsletters are great ways to keep people engaged as new content is published!

TT: Do you currently work in the fashion industry?

IMC: In 2014, I monetized my website. When I’m not in class or on co-op, I spend a lot of time coordinating photo shoots, writing blog posts, contributing to other media outlets, etc.

TT: How do you describe your own personal style and taste in clothing and brands?

IMC: My personal style really depends on my mood each day. Some days I feel like wearing a well-fitted navy suit and a crisp white dress shirt. Other days I’m feeling the “relaxed” look and might opt for a pair of drop crotch shorts and a tank top. I’m eclectic. I love mixing high and low pieces. There’s normally a lot of color and accessories.

TT: Do you receive products from different clothing companies to feature on your blog or are all the selections your own choices?

IMC: Companies do send me product for consideration. I post about items I love, which includes my personal wardrobe and gifted products. If I don’t love it, I don’t post it!

TT: Who is your current style icon, and why?

IMC: Nick Wooster bridges the gap. An international street style star and brand collaborator, he always looks super cool and effortless while pulling off some of the most daring menswear pieces.

TT: What do you think makes your lifestyle website different and appealing to readers?

IMC: Along with the professionally shot style and travel posts, I keep [the] post easy to read and site design streamlines. My style can sometimes, more than not, be out there and outfit posts are meant to push everyday norms and inspire readers.

TT: What is your biggest fashion pet peeve?

IMC: When people do not let out the rear slits in blazers or coats. They are sewn together for packaging purposes and they are supposed to be cut before wearing — gah!

TT: What do you think is something simple that people can do to change up their look?

IMC: New accessories. When I travel I love to buy jewelry because it’s something that normally doesn’t wear out and can be used to spice up classic or trendy clothes for years to come.

TT: What season is your favorite for clothing trends, and why?

IMC: The fall! The crisp breeze, changing leaves and warm colors make a perfect setting for layered looks with stunning backdrops. Scarves, motorcycle gloves and fedora hats — yes, please!

TT: How do you plan on expanding your site in the future?

IMC: For now I’m seeing where my website goes over the next year leading up to graduation. I love posting on my site and I hope it continues to grow and evolve for many years.

TT: Of the fashion events you’ve been to and the celebrities you have met, which have been your favorite and why?

IMC: I absolutely loved Carmen Marc Valvo’s show last season. He debuted menswear and it was fabulous. As far as celebrities, I’m going to go with Ken Downing. He visited Drexel last April and I had the pleasure of interviewing him for He’s very personable, funny and complimented my outfit. He had me at, “I love your denim shirt! You look so cute.”

TT: Which social media platform do you use the most to share your style tips, and why?

IMC: Style tips are normally shared on my website. Instagram is an edit of my life — outfit posts, where I’m at, what I’m doing, etc.

TT: What’s one thing you want to share with people about your fashion experiences?

IMC: I just got back from China [this month]. I traveled there to see my friend Mollie Snyder, who is a fourth-year communications major, and she is co-oping in Beijing. She is working with Lifestyle China magazine and we coordinated a photo shoot for the March 2015 issue. It will feature a prominent Beijing-based female lifestyle blogger, Lady Liaoliao, and me. We shot with Beijing designers, including Zhang Chi and Atelier Rouge Pekin at the Four Seasons Beijing. The style spread will be featured in Lifestyle’s March 2015 issue, which is distributed to five-star hotels across China — Four Seasons, Renaissance, Hyatt, etc. This is definitely one of the biggest collaborations I’ve done thus far and it also includes another Drexel student, Mollie, who was instrumental in setting up the photo shoot and collaboration.

TT: What’s one thing you think people should know about you as a fashion blogger?

IMC: My favorite color is green!