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Three straight losses leave m. lacrosse at 4-8 overall

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The Drexel University men’s lacrosse team took a tough loss April 9 against conference foe, Fairfield. April 16, however, the Dragons had the opportunity to rebound against another conference opponent, Hofstra. The Pride came into this matchup with a very formidable 7-4, whereas Drexel was sporting a 4-7 record. The Dragons entered the match knowing how difficult it would be, but also knew they needed to get back on track with their conference record after already having lost their first two conference games.

The first quarter went back and forth for the first few minutes. Both teams found openings to take shots, but could not convert. At the 10:53 mark Hofstra found their way onto the scoreboard after a Drexel penalty gave the Pride one extra player. Drexel continued attacking Hofstra, but simply could not break through their defense. Unfortunately, Hofstra turned around and scored again at the 5:28 mark. This time it was a Drexel turnover which gave The Pride the opportunity.

The first quarter ended with a 2-0 lead for Hofstra. A good start to the second quarter, however, would get Drexel back on track. Under a minute had passed when Michael Kay scored his second goal of the season getting the Dragons on the board and bringing the score within one. Hofstra quickly tarnished Drexel’s comeback by answering with a goal at the 10:16 minute mark. Hofstra again scored five minutes later, putting the Pride up by three. The Dragons only managed two more shots on goal in the remainder of the quarter, none of which found the back of the net.

Though disadvantaged, the Dragons had the chance to turn the tables through most of the game up until the third quarter. None of the shots attempted in the beginning of the third quarter connected. Hofstra seemed to make every shot they took. At the 8:21 mark The Pride scored their fifth goal of the game, going up by four goals. Hofstra turned around and scored again at the 7:13 mark bringing their total to six goals. Unfortunately for Drexel the onslaught would not stop there. Hofstra scored three more times, giving them a 9-1 lead by the end of the third quarter.

What seemed insurmountable was indeed insurmountable. Drexel made an attempt to comeback by scoring twice at the 11:20 and 10:54 mark. The Dragons eventually managed to find their rhythm offensively, but only for a small portion of the fourth quarter. Neither team scored until the 3:50 mark when Hofstra found the back of the net one last time, to take a commanding 10-3 lead. The Dragons put together one last scoring effort at the 2:05 mark, but by then a victory was too far out of reach.

The Dragons lost by a score of 10-4 taking them down to a 4-8 record and 0-3 in conference play. Hofstra elevated their record to 8-4, continuing an impressive season. April 23rd Drexel will face the University of Delaware, in Delaware. The Blue Hens have managed a 5-8 record so far, but are 2-1 in conference play. This is certainly a beatable team and the Dragons, provided they put their best foot forward, will certainly have a chance to take one from a conference opponent.