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Old Friends, New Topics

Photo courtesy of Brandon Martinez

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You’re back? Oh, word? Glad to have you. For my second guest this week, I have my very good friend and podcast editor, Maddie Avarese. I first met Maddie about two years ago around Halloween at a small party (oh, how we miss the days of preCOVID get-togethers). We found out that we both had a mutual appreciation for the heavy metal band Motionless In White. We kept in touch here and there until I reached out to her to be featured in a shoot for my photography portfolio. I guess the rest is rock-and-roll history, because we’ve been tight ever since!

In this episode, which is filled with shameless name-drops and shout-outs, Maddie explains to me the basis of astrology and accepts me, despite the fact that I am a moody Scorpio. (Just kidding…or am I?) Continuing on, we discuss the battle of embracing your personal brand without linking it to your professional persona, as well as feeling comfortable in your own skin. We’ve all been there, am I right?

We also discuss the difficulties of applying for coops in the midst of a global pandemic. Spoiler alert, she killed it and now has an AMAZING coop. As the discussion goes on, we talk about her experiences as a Catholic school student and the challenges she faced attending a school she was not 100 percent comfortable in. After that, things get deep when discussing the instant gratification and taboos associated with religion, spiritualism, and sobriety. We also have a very good discussion about sexual empowerment, having “the talk” with parents, and how the future is female.

This episode addresses many things that people may be scared to discuss, but that’s okay. That is why I’m here — if we don’t address certain things, then no true progress can be made.