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Big and Critical Decisions

Photograph courtesy of Armon Owlia for The Triangle

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This past week, Mark and Jair discussed the outcome of the World Series after the Dodgers defeated the Rays in six games. Corey Seager won World Series MVP in the triumph that ended the 32-year championship drought for the Dodgers. They add another reason for the city of Los Angeles to celebrate.

One big topic of Game 6 was the decision from Kevin Cash to take out Blake Snell after giving up his second hit of the ballgame. Another topic was Justin Turner contracting COVID, playing with it, and coming back onto the field after the Dodgers won.

Was Kevin Cash wrong for the decision? Blake Snell didn’t go past six innings throughout the entire season. Do the Rays have one of the best bullpens in baseball? Was it time for Snell to go, or should they have been ride-or-die?

What about Justin Turner? Did he make a selfish decision that could have put people around him in jeopardy? Does he deserve to face punishment?

Mark and Jair also discussed the Philadelphia Eagles and their upcoming game against the Dallas Cowboys. Mark thinks that the Eagles need to win big in order to prove what kind of a team they are.

Mark and Jair discussed Antonio Brown with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A big question for the team: “Will they make it to the Super Bowl?”

Mark and Jair hope you all take the right amount of protective measures to remain safe throughout the circumstances we face today. We are sad to see a spike of COVID-19 cases rising again. Please be sure to wear masks and use protection at all times.

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