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Stop. Take time to look around and enjoy.

If you are outdoorsy, get bored easily, or simply want to break away from the traditional educational procedure, then I have the tip for you. Go for walks, explore the city, and get homework done on your phone along the way! From outlines to first drafts, type it in an email to yourself while you roam around.

There are many benefits, making this at least worth the try. It gets you out of Hagerty and in the fresh air where you can see the beautiful autumn colors before winter. Or, use it during quarter three to enjoy the new warm sunny days of spring. Jump-start the creative juices and stop your doctor from nagging, because your legs, heart, and mind are all getting a healthy workout. Lastly, break the monotony. Get away from the boring routine of listening to lectures, tactfully perusing the texts, and carefully overcoming the coursework. Go explore! You can get all of these benefits while still completing your work! It’s a win-win!

I suppose not all students can benefit from this tip. Sorry, engineers, I don’t know if your MATLAB homework can be completed on your phone as you walk about the city. Though, I don’t doubt you folks are already cooking up a solution for that if you haven’t figured it out already. No, but all of you humanities and social science majors out there can surely take advantage of this. I know you have frequent papers due. So give it a shot, I promise it won’t disappoint. In fact, I think this little tip will change your whole outlook on writing papers. Hell, how do you think I wrote this?