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Respecting communications majors

After I was accepted to college, many people began to ask the conventional question, “So, what’s your major?” In the midst of answering this same question over and over again, I realized how stigmatized and criticized being a communication major is.

I was tired of the countless negative reactions like, “What can you even do with a degree in communication?” and “You aren’t going to make any money with a major like that!” My discontent lead me to conduct a Google search about the communication field. All I found were endless stereotypes about the major that tapped into the fear I held since the very beginning.

This hasn’t deterred my decision in any way, as I remain passionate about my specific concentration, journalism, while being more willing than ever to work hard to achieve my version of success.

Yet, the unfortunate truth remains that there are individuals majoring in communication who are embarrassed to reveal their plan of study. Being told that your major is worthless and will yield little to no income is never something you want to hear said about such an important component of your life.

How is tearing apart everything we have established thus far in our lives supposed to help us? It seems that society’s expectations have shifted from doing something that truly intrigues you and that you have cultivated a strong interest for, to something that can just reel in a greater salary than the next person — even if it makes you unhappy.

This generation in particular has seen a more avid acceptance of creative majors, such as communication, than the last. This seems to scare the public, as its idea of working tirelessly for only the money and not for the passion is being deviated from.

Every time a friend gets that look of concern on their face when they hear my major or my family hesitates a bit to tell someone what I’m studying, the frustration that no one understands my dedication continues to get overwhelming. Choosing a major this broad should never be deemed a mistake, as this has only allowed me to discover new aspects of a field that I want to delve into and incorporate in my future. As a communication major, I am opened up to fields such as journalism, public relations, film, and radio and television. Individuals with a communication background are offered job opportunities in all realms. We are able to add a greater range of skills to our knowledge to enhance all that we can offer. The depth of this major only adds to its value, and allows a person to evolve with numerous different interests and possibly manifest it into something incredibly beneficial in the future.

I have learned as a communication major that life works on an incredibly expansive spectrum in which many things require interpretation, problem solving, innovative ideas and obviously, effective communicating. Handling the vast and changing components of life plays directly into the creative elements of communication majors. We analyze the media and create what the public wants to hear or see, utilizing originality and talent that the individuals within these fields possess. Alongside the creativity and artistry that is used in our work, the skills of networking and building connections that we have continuously learned give us the chance to meet the people who can help take our aspirations to the next level. The techniques we are taught are meant to enhance our goals and prove just how relevant communications is in everyday life, even if it is not recognized yet by those who regard it as useless.

Rationalizing my decision to major in communication to those who expect me to get nowhere in my career is downright frustrating and quite honestly, should no longer be necessary. Not only are we relevant in various people’s everyday lives through the news and social media, but we are also currently at a threshold of a major digital revolution where every aspect of the world is interconnected through different media. This makes it not only more achievable but more necessary for the information that is being communicated to be sent through innovative media with significant messages. We are responsible for delivering a great deal of information to the world and the manner in which we do it now matters more than ever.

It’s time we stop downplaying our passions and allowing others to force us to neglect what we love doing to only strive for a better salary. Communication is reemerging more relevant than ever and it is time it is accepted as truly being beneficial within our world. Being the reason a person feels inferior due to the stereotypes that surround their chosen major is not something to revel in — especially when it plays such a vital role in the way our society functions today.