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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,


The University has grown exponentially in recent years with the “Drexel Renaissance.” There are many concerns surrounding the rapid increase in student enrollment and physical infrastructure keeping up with demand.

The influx of new students has put constraints on many aspects of student housing. Dorms are frequently beyond capacity, yet there have been budget cuts in housing. What is needed is better communication between housing administrators and students.

As far as communal learning space is concerned, we pay for facilities we may not be able to utilize, and those that we can are often overcrowded and lack resources we thought we would be able to enjoy.

Other big concerns are the overall lack of transparency regarding the disbursement of tuition fees and the lack of sufficient disclosure on the University’s corporate relations.

We, Drexel Students for Academic Transparency, will be hosting an event called “Role Reversal: Student Input on Academic Capitalism at Drexel.” Our goal is to inform and provide possible solutions to faculty, administration and fellow students on the issues concerning the strategic growth of the University in both student population as well as University revenue.

We will be discussing the impact of this growth on quality-of-life issues for students, such as housing quality, infrastructure, rising tuition costs and class availability. The ultimate purpose of this is to explore possible solutions to these issues concerning academic life for the Drexel community.

Come meet us on Tuesday, March 20, at 3:30 in the James E. Marks Intercultural Center’s basement multipurpose room and support student voices!


Constante Quirino

Communications Liason

Drexel Students for Academic Transparency