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JFK files: no big deal

Photograph courtesy of Skeeze at Pixabay

More than fifty years after it happened, the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy continues to captivate the imagination. Movies, television episodes, books, theories, the list can go on and on with how much this singular event both shocked and captivated a nation.

One of its main points of fascination, however, besides the shooting itself, were the mysterious “JFK Files” that have been hidden from the public by the United State government. After all, President Kennedy’s shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald, was himself assassinated by Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby two days after the shooting, with no motive given or explanation from either men as to why this happened. The JFK files, according to many conspiracy theorists, would provide the motive and other government revelations that would explain the entire event, including one of the most popular issues: “the magic bullet,” the question as to whether or not there was a second shooter who helped Oswald on Nov. 22, 1963.

Nobody thought those questions would be answered. That is, until Oct. 21, after President Donald Trump gave the go-ahead to make a majority of the files available to the public, in accordance with a law passed in 1992.

After the announcement, speculation went crazy. People were going to learn whether or not Kennedy’s shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald, acted alone, had an accomplice, even whether or not he was a Soviet or a Cuban spy who carried out a political hit on the 35th president. However, the initial reactions have been very glum, with not many revelations present.

Who cares, though? Sure, people would like to know what truly happened on that day in Dallas, when President Kennedy was shot and killed by a sniper’s bullet. However, even if there were multiple shooters, even if there was a plot to kill Kennedy by the Soviets or the Cubans, nothing will change.

At this point, the other shooter, if there was one, would probably be dead by now, either killed by the Soviets or Cubans, or dead from natural causes. It would be too late for prosecution — 54 years too late.

The release of these files are nothing more than a distraction, like a magician distracting your eyes from the sleight of hand, keeping Americans busy while the Russia investigation and trials of major players in the Trump campaign keep raging on.

Either way, the outcome would not change. If there was one shooter or two, if they were Cuban or Soviet spies, or even disgruntled civilians, the result remains the same.

President Kennedy’s death was a major turning point in American history, directly affecting such events as the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. And even more so, we should not be distracted by what Trump is trying to shine in front of our eyes, for he is only trying to distract. This time, Mr. Trump, it’s not going to work.