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Finding time for relaxation

Staying sane in college is just another task to add to our lengthy to-do lists. Between all the homework, extracurricular activities and social events, who has the time?

I decided that I do, as should everyone else. Aside from keeping up with homework and earning good grades, staying sane should be high up on a college student’s list of priorities.

Realizing this very early on in my time at Drexel, I immediately launched a research project of sorts to find out what would personally help me relieve day-to-day college life stress and preserve what is left of my sanity.

Going to the gym has proved to be a huge stress reliever. It is a perfect way to get out my aggressions that have built up throughout the week. Although the squeaky elliptical in Race Hall’s gym makes my ears cry, it is a place of refuge for me from the stress of college work. I would highly recommend taking at least 30 minutes out of your day to hit the gym to clear your mind and build up your strength.

Leaving campus and exploring the city has also been a healthy new addition to my schedule. If I stay on campus for too long, I feel like I’m trapped in a box, especially since I usually don’t veer off my regular path of only going to the buildings that I have classes in.

I strongly encourage everyone to get out of the Drexel box for just one day and explore another part of Philadelphia. The city is very rich in history, culture and delicious food. There is so much more to Philadelphia than University City, and exploring it all expands our minds and will make us more grateful to live here.

Of course, doing these things is much better with friends by your side. It is beneficial to make time for yourself, but too much time alone could make you stir crazy. My roommates have become my closest friends in college. Since we all already know each other’s schedules, it is easy to make plans and do something other than stress out over homework or keeping our dorm clean. Having them in my life has made college so much less stressful, simply because they are amazing people and we share similar mindsets.

My “research project” is still in progress, but I am slowly finding more ways to have fun in college, which sometimes can seem like a paradoxical statement because of all of the work it takes to stay here.

Some may not consider what I have been doing so far to be “fun,” but it is a relative term, so I encourage everyone to find those specific activities that will preserve sanity and bring some balance into college life.

In the long run, it will pay off and give you a fresher mind and create more exciting memories for years to come.

Ultimately, you are the one in control of your time. Finding ways to preserve sanity now will benefit you later in life.

Sure, a degree is what we will ultimately earn as a result of our efforts, but wouldn’t it feel great to earn a clear mind as well?