Enjoy it while you can | The Triangle

Enjoy it while you can

Comic by Alexander Gray

As calendar pages are turned to November, in advance of Thanksgiving, people begin to consider all the things they have to be grateful for. Many of these are universal — family, friends, gainful employment and food in the fridge are high on most thankfulness lists. Our editor-in-chief is particularly jazzed about the “X-Files” series renewal. Don’t get us wrong, we love all those things too — but there’s one part of our lives that this year, when we have our hands folded to say grace before we pass the mashed potatoes, we’ll be thanking the high heavens for above all else.

The quad is finally open.

For the past year (though it seems like ten), we’ve walked ridiculously circuitous pathways to get from one class to another. We’ve asked ourselves questions like “what was wrong with the stone steps outside of Disque?” and “how does the Korman family have so much money?” We’ve even mourned the truncated life of that one really cool tree.

Was it worth it? Who knows. The point is, it’s (mostly) over now.

Is this the end of our troubles? Certainly not. We still have have ten weeks to learn what most college kids are taught in 15. Student loans will have us popping Tums like they’re Skittles until we’re in AARP. But this is a small victory regardless — and as college students, we have to take those when they come.

(Jokes aside, we do feel obligated to thank the construction workers who’ve been out there for months. We’ve seen you out there in the rain and the heat. Thanks for building cool stuff for us even though we complained about the minor inconvenience like it was the plague. While we’re at it, thanks to Drexel too. We don’t always agree with these projects, but we get that you’re doing it — at least in part — for us.)

So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, go walk freely between whatever academic buildings whichever way you want. Appreciate the minutes you can shave off your pilgrimage to your apartment. Say hi to the miniature forest of new trees on the lawn outside of Disque (you won’t be forgotten, Old Tree). We have to admit, it does look pretty cool.

Enjoy it while you can — it’s only a matter of time before another construction plan has us shaking our fists at the sky anew.