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It’s the end of the world as we know it

Photograph courtesy of Shurik at Pixabay

President Donald Trump has only been in office for a little over a hundred days and international relations are more tumultuous than ever.

Heightening tensions with North Korea aren’t news to anyone. Every day I see new articles about North Korea’s plans to eradicate the U.S. and South Korea that make me think about how nobody really knows where the fate of our country lies.

Contemplate the possibility of that future and let your imagination run rampant — what if our days really were numbered? What if there was a significant chance that we didn’t have much left to do before we got blown to obscurity?

Welcome to your doomsday, a time where the world’s most powerful country is governed by an egocentric megalomaniac who’s engaged in a serious game of hopscotch with a tyrant threatening to bomb us. What are you going to do before the bomb drops?

If it were really a time like this, the fact of the matter is your days are numbered. It’s time to prioritize the important things now because with the way things look, there won’t be much life to live for some of us.

Have you really lived your life?

Some of us are young. Some of us may have just entered college and have our whole lives ahead of us. Some of us are more seasoned but are still fit to change. Some of us may be stuck in our ways. But if you were told you only had a year left to live — in the event that we were going to be bombed — what would you do?

Do it. Do all the things you’ve always wanted to do.

I always felt like fear was a good indicator that you were on the right track. Life is nothing but making decisions. The harder the decisions get the wiser you become. There are always going to be decisions that aren’t easy to make and you never really know what the right choice is. Choosing what’s good for you is often difficult, but the fact of the matter is that if you’re afraid to do something, it can sometimes mean it’s what you have to do.

Human nature is pushing yourself to be better and evolving to your environment. Some things are going to be hard, but you have to do them because they make you a better person when you’re done with it.

And it’s more than that. You have to jump in.

There are some things in life that may seem impassible at the time. A familiar truth is that you’re never going to be ready for some things; another truth is that you’re not ready, until you are.

Some things may be extremely daunting. I think for the most wild things people have done in their lives, they won’t often have a detailed explanation for why they did them, they just did. It could have been in the heat of the moment maybe, but they chose to do it.

Don’t be scared and don’t play it safe. Life is an experience and we shouldn’t limit ourselves as heavily as we do.

If there is a new career path that opens for you that requires you to move, pack your bags. If you’re an engineer, but you know that your passion is in game design, meet with your academic advisor tomorrow morning. If you see the love of your life today, go out with them tomorrow. If you’re over a decade into your retirement and have never been to Paris, book a flight.

I don’t think life was meant for people to walk along the fence and look out at the things they should do, but won’t.

If we really only had a matter of time before North Korea launched a bomb at the U.S., you can bet your bottom dollar people would begin to acknowledge all their shortcomings and regrets.

Don’t wait to do the things you want until tomorrow, turn your dreams into a reality, today. Do the things that you believe in and don’t suppress the things that make you, you.

If you’re telling yourself that “I’ll finally do it when the time is right,” the right time is now. It’s not time later, and it’s not time when our lives are in jeopardy.

It’s time now.