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Even without a big name, expect a great Spring Jam

All our friends from other schools may be finished with finals, but at least we have Spring Jam this weekend. Super Mash Bros. will headline the event, and local bands including Cheers Elephant and The Wonder Years will also perform. And guess what? According to weather.com it’s going to be mostly sunny and 80 degrees Saturday — the polar opposite of last year, for those who remember Spring Jam 2011.

When the headliner was announced this year, there was a lot of “Who even is that?” and “We have just a DJ for Spring Jam this year?!” Yes, we did have big acts with B.o.B and Major Lazer last year, but that was the only major entertainment that came to Drexel in the 2010-11 school year. This year Snoop Dogg came for Homecoming, an event we didn’t even have last year, and we had Chiddy Bang come for Midnight Madness.

We’ve had a year of headliners, and Super Mash Bros. will be able to compete with them at Drexel even if they don’t have the same boldfaced name quality as Snoop Dogg and Chiddy Bang. They have produced three albums and are entirely online, without relying on a record label to produce or promote them.

And fortunately, thanks to the sunny weather, ducking beneath underpasses and eating soggy catered food will not be among the activities this year. There will be several other dry activities to take part in while you’re listening to the tunes.

Not to mention several of our peers will be showcasing their talents, as well. Just like last year, three Drexel acts will be performing in their hard-earned spots: the winners of the DJ competition, Drexel Voice, and Battle of the Bands, respectively. In addition to supporting Drexel acts, local bands from the Greater Philadelphia area will also be represented at Spring Jam.

Spring Jam is a more than just the headlining act. It’s a full day of music, activities and celebrating young adulthood. We’re not out of school yet, but Spring Jam is an excellent excuse to take a break from working. So come and enjoy, and don’t forget to wear some sunscreen this year!