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Spring is in the air

Wikimedia: Jmh485 (Licensed under Creative Commons 3.0)
Wikimedia: Jmh485 (Licensed under Creative Commons 3.0)

Drexel moves fast. That’s not really news, though: everyone reading this article will be more than familiar with the stress of searching for a co-op, studying endlessly for midterms that somehow last all term, and knowing exactly what week it is at any given moment. Simply put, Drexel is indeed “different” — our 76 day winter term stands in striking comparison to UPenn’s 118 day spring semester. For many this term flew by, a feeling only aided by the sudden warm weather some consider a curse of climate change while others a blessing for finals studying.

Will all these responsibilities to consider, the Drexel student is forced to ask one incredibly important question: how should I spend my time? Given immensive workloads only magnified by stringent deadlines, it can be almost too easy to squander away the halcyon days of our collegiate youth through indecision. The fear of committing to something larger than ourselves and not being able to follow through is one that all clubs on campus face. After all, when forced to choose between their academic career or extracurriculars, a student will almost always forego the latter.

In some rare instances, this is not the case. The Triangle is one of the oldest active organizations on campus, having put out a paper at least weekly for 90 consecutive years. We’ve seen our share of ups and downs, but through it all, we’ve managed to remain an independent student organization, powered almost exclusively by dedicated pockets of the student body.

As the term draws to a close, it would be amiss for us not to acknowledge the contributions made by both Justin Roczniak and Jeremy Snyder, Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor, respectively, during their time here. For many years, they’ve both given up their Thursday nights to help put together what has been and will hopefully continue to be an honest, if not quality publication.

With finals week fast approaching, both their graduation and the arrival of the warm weather serve as two very different reminders about one very important thing: our time here is limited, and sometimes it’s worth risking a harder road for the powerful experiences it may yield. Be it in spearheading an organization or simply focusing on getting a project done faster to go out and play frisbee with your friends, remember that time is the most important resource you have. The only thing that really matters is how you choose to spend it.

Best of luck with finals week (and beyond!)

— The Editorial Board