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Retired LeBow professor mourned

The LeBow College of Business community mourns the loss of faculty member Cas Srinivasan, who died in his sleep due to a heart attack Sept. 2.

Srinivasan was an accounting professor, holding the position of department head from 1978 to 1986, before retiring in 1988. LeBow College Dean George Tsetsekos sent out a formal announcement following Srinivasan’s death, both as an internal email and a message to the University community.

In it he talked about his peer’s personality, saying “Cas was an unassuming person who did not worry about who got credit for progress.” He added, “Dr. Srinivasan was always very helpful in mentoring younger faculty member, and he was meticulously objective and fair in his evaluations of their accomplishments …”

Srinivasan, who is survived by family in India, loved the Phillies. According to the LeBow press release, he and John Savchak, also formerly a professor of LeBow, owned partial season tickets and would go to games together.

“There was never any confusion on campus about Dr. Srinivasan’s passion for students and for teaching,” Tsetsekos wrote.