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Mourning Alana Maddox


Alana Maddox passed away June 15, 2017. She graduated from Drexel University June 11, 2017.


The following message was provided by her friends and family.


Alana Maddox was someone who provided a story to every person she met. Her charismatic and unique personality allowed her to impact each and every person that she came across. Whether you were her best friend or you had just met her five minutes ago, you felt like you could tell Alana anything. No matter what was going on she would always take the time to be a friend to someone who needed it. Alana spent her free time hanging out with friends, painting and drawing. She found great fulfillment in her role as a Recruitment Counselor through Drexel University’s Panhellenic Council. Alana was able to touch so many lives through her short time here, and we are inspired daily to live to the absolute fullest as she always did.