Glossier store makes its Philadelphia debut in Rittenhouse | The Triangle

Glossier store makes its Philadelphia debut in Rittenhouse

Photo by Evie Touring | The Triangle

The perfect addition to Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square’s manicured lawns and fashionable shops, Glossier opened its doors to Philadelphia on Oct. 27. All painted in Glossier’s signature pink, the high arches and column facades nod to the neoclassical architecture of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Rodin Museum. Most striking, however, is the undulating walkway that leads guests through the store, mirroring its motto, “Skin first, makeup second.” Cushioned benches nestle into its curves, inviting shoppers to rest, reflect and connect as they sample all of the products available on counters throughout the store.

Ready to greet customers with sage suggestions and a smile, Front of House Manager, Juan Martinez embraces Glossier’s inclusive perspective. 

“Beauty should be approachable,” Martinez said. “We want to find whatever makes you feel good.” 

Novices to makeup will not feel daunted with.  The simple, straightforward products like Glossier’s Futuredew, a nourishing oil serum meant to be applied with the fingertips, and a personal favorite of Martinez. They recommend using the product after your skincare routine to achieve a radiant complexion all day long. Other popular products like the Cloud Paint blush and Stretch Concealer also serve as light, everyday makeup designed for easy application by hand.

 “Glossier sets a new standard for beauty in a world dominated by heavy contour,” Martinez declares. “We believe in coming as you are.” 

That being said, shoppers searching for a more glamorous look will not be disappointed by the eye-catching Ultralip lipstick or the Monochromes eye shadow palette, which comes with three finishes: matte, metallic, and satin. 

Despite costing more than average drugstore dupes, Glossier’s products are relatively affordable compared to other name brands. Whereas Boy Brow, a product designed to shape and thicken the eyebrows with a few simple swipes, sells for $17. In comparison, a volumizing eyebrow gel from Sephora costs up to $24. For shoppers on a budget, Martinez advises checking out the sets of three that helps customers save on individual items and achieve a cohesive look. When asked which specific product gives the most bang for your buck, Martinez recommends Stretch Concealer. 

“When I think of versatility and what’s easiest, the Stretch Concealer is my go-to,” Martinez said. “You can use it all over the face or just where you need it.”

After sampling multiple products myself, I found the Cloud Paint to be light and buttery. A little bit of the gel-cream blush goes a long way, making this $20 purchase is a reasonable, long lasting decision. While the renowned $12 Bomb Dotcom lip blam is hydrating and fragrant, it is expensive for shoppers on a budget. The standout product by far was the Futuredew. For such a light serum, it leaves the skin soft and glowing for hours. The ingenuity of the product is reminiscent of the luminescence of a freshly cleansed and moisturized face, justifying its $26 price tag. 

Marissa Lux, a freshman finance major, regularly purchases the Lash Slick mascara for a wispy, everyday look. Another loyal customer and pre-junior law student, Taniyah Spencer’s favorite products include Futuredew and Cloud Paint, a product that she owns in multiple colors. 

“It’s a five minute, easy, out-the-door look,”  said Spencer, who has visited Glossier since its grand opening. 

Attracting not only faithful followers across the city, but the passersby out in Rittenhouse Square, Glossier’s retail presence invites new customers to try their light and simple products.