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Former copy center rebranded as PaperChase

Winter term 2013 welcomed a complete remodeling of Drexel Copy Center, located in MacAlister Hall, with a fresh new brand: PaperChase at Chestnut Square.

The copy center has been given a brand-new look after construction over the course of winter break. Arnavaz (Anoo) Sukhia, executive director of Drexel Printing and Mailing Services, said that the full-service copy shop decided to reinvent itself in accordance with the relentless renovation of the Chestnut Square area.

“The PaperChase is a place where students should feel comfortable producing their projects. The newly renovated facility is uniquely positioned to provide the scale, speed and agility that students require for all of their printing needs,” she said.

Source: Ren Ruan
Source: Ren Ruan

According to Sukhia, the reformation is also a good way for the copy center to better identify with nearby up-scale retailers, such as Joe Coffee and Shake Shack.

“As far as I can tell, it’s pretty good,” freshman business major Brandon Padula said. “I think it’s good, I mean, it definitely needed to be refreshed.”

Megan Levis, a junior majoring in biomedical engineering, spoke about her first experience with PaperChase. “It’s very convenient,” Levis said. “I was pleasantly surprised because I was here over the summer and it was a mess, and now the campus is really nice.”

Levis continued, “The campus is more connected now. I guess it’s more urban.”

As stated by Sukhia, almost all equipment used in the center is leased. PaperChase will soon return the old printers, which are currently located in the student lounge, to the company with which Drexel has a leasing agreement. PaperChase will be leased more modern equipment. These machines will be upgraded periodically to keep up with technological demands. The costs of the lease will be maintained.

“We want to make sure we have the best for our students,” Sukhia said.

Furthermore, PaperChase has new table surfaces, a work station that provides three PCs and two Macs, a more spacious waiting area with a clear view through transparent doors, and noticeably bright-green, ball-shaped chairs near the computers.

The logo has also been entirely redesigned. Orange and green now replace the blue and gold that previously represented Drexel Copy Center. According to Sukhia, staff in the department and students who have worked there agreed upon the new brand name and logo design, consenting that this transformation would give PaperChase an individual identity

Lending thoughts on the promising launch of the new copy center, Sukhia said, “The growth of the university and its surrounding community, as well as the emphasis on improving the student experience, has led the first revitalization of the storefront since it opened over ten years ago.”

As of now, PaperChase’s renovation is almost finished, but the facility has resumed daily functions as of the beginning of the winter term. PaperChase provides a wide variety of services including copying, printing, paper assortment, bindery, fax and promotional items manufacturing.