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14-year old robber identified by police

On Oct. 2, the Philadelphia Police arrested a 14-year-old boy for a string of robberies that occurred around Powelton Village in August and September. Lieutenant John Walker recently released the suspect’s name: Nashon Richards.

Police said that they think Richards may have been working with one or two other individuals in these crimes, but for the most part acted alone. There has yet to be a preliminary hearing for Richards, but it has been determined that he will be tried as a minor.

The last incident occurred Sept. 30 on the 400 block of North Preston Street when Richards allegedly came up from behind a female student and stole her purse. After being pursued, Richards punched the victim and ran away with her possessions.  

This incident is the last in a string of 12 robberies and two carjackings that took place within the Powelton Village area. Richards is accused of being involved in all of these events. Police say he mostly targeted unsuspecting white males, Asian males and female students who were walking home after dark by approaching them from behind. Most of the possessions stolen in these cases were phones and electronic equipment.

Local businesses in the area were alerted about this pattern by both public safety and the Philadelphia police. Soon after being robbed, the last victim noticed suspicious activity on her credit card statement at a local business and reported it to the police. The business her card was used at then pulled up camera surveillance and investigators were able to get a partial identification.

The Philadelphia Police posted a clip of the surveillance footage on social media, and within a few days Richards was spotted and apprehended.

Further information will be available after Richard’s trial.

Andrew Pellegrino: The Triangle
Andrew Pellegrino: The Triangle