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‘The Crown’: New Netflix original is royal flush

Netflix’s newly released original series “The Crown” offers a glimpse into the story of Queen Elizabeth II’s rise to the throne. The series is filled with royal drama and political discourse. In addition to chronicling the story of the queen, the series also captures some of the struggles experienced by Winston Churchill.

However, not everything in the palace is dandy. The show offers a different perspective to us commoners. We get to see the struggles and challenges that the royal family must face. The royal family is subjected to very high expectations, some of them so high, that fulfilling them would impede their own happiness. A human side of the entire monarchy is revealed which creates beautifully poignant scenes.

The cast does a spectacular job playing their roles, whether royal, noble or commoner. We get to see a dramatic portrayal of Winston Churchill’s battle with age. Claire Foy’s portrayal of Elizabeth emits a feminist vibe for the time period.

In a matter of episodes, we get to see a young bride on her honeymoon transform into the British Empire’s head of state. All of the issues facing the characters makes me feel grateful to be a peasant. For anyone who may have watched “Downton Abbey,” I would say this series is stylistically very different.

Rather than being a soapy upstairs/downstairs saga, there is a more historical base to the plot, including various historical reenactments such as the coronation. If you are a history buff, you might like this show for its telling of various critical moments in British history..

The supporting actors are also very entertaining. Queen Elizabeth’s sister, Princess Margaret (portrayed by Vanessa Kirby), is a very fun character to see in action. She is the rebellious little sister and offers the occasional comic relief with her sense of humor. All together the cast creates an electrifying dynamic that demands attention and respect.

The show was created for Netflix in Britain and written by Peter Morgan who also wrote the 2013 film “The Queen.” The show is one of Netflix’s most expensive to date, costing over $100 million. The prop wedding gown that is worn in the first episode costs over $30,000 and is a replica of the real one worn by the Queen.

If you are someone who loves royal drama and stellar acting, “The Crown” might be for you. Rest assured that production for Season Two has already started, but don’t blame me when you can’t wait for it to be released.