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Radio City Music Hall hosts synth-pop group Chvrches

Flashing lights, thousands of red velvet seats, old lounges and phone booths: there’s nothing quite like Radio City Music Hall. Chvrches played at the famous landmark  for the first time Oct. 15. In just three years since the band debuted, and only two albums, they made it to what people refer to as “The Showplace of the Nation.”

The trio from Glasglow played a memorable show with a setlist featuring songs from each point in their career ranging from their first hit, “The Mother We Share,” to their newer “Leave a Trace.” Lauren Mayberry sang most of the show, sharing small anecdotes about her new home city of New York. The crowd laughed along as she talked about her struggles of an immigrant in the city: homeless men confrontations, confusion between the words Rockettes and raisinettes. Mayberry has been through a lot.

Chvurches, usually styled CHVRCHES, is known for their signature organic electronic pop sound. Despite Mayberry’s mouse-like talking voice, her singing voice fills the room accenting every note, spot on to how the track portrays it. I have to admit I was skeptical seeing an electronic pop band live, fearing the live performance wouldn’t match up to the recording. Much to my surprise not only was the performance musically honorable, but the light show accompanying the band was mesmerizing. The lights matched the mood of each song perfectly, not just colors, but brightness and tempo as well. This was fitting for Chvrches which is already a non-traditional band.

Chvrches’ sound isn’t quite like any other band’s. It’s upbeat and catchy but far from overly simplistic or meaningless. The band is unique in that they write, record and produce their work entirely by themselves. Chvrches are more than just great performers, they are great artists.

After almost two hours of music, with only one short break so Mayberry could tell the audience her experience in New York City, did Chvrches end the show with the encore “The Mother They Share.” They exited the stage, leaving the uproarious crowd to flood the New York streets chanting, singing and humming the chorus of the hit song as they went their separate ways.