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Racy content pervades movie awards

April 14 was marked by the annual MTV Movie Awards, granted to actors and producers of movies released in 2012. This year’s ceremony was held at the Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, Calif., and like every year, it was bedazzled by a myriad of the famous and well dressed. Most of the awards’ recipients were widely expected to be honored in that way, but there were still some unexpected breakthroughs, with granting the show’s hosting duties to Rebel Wilson being the most significant one.

The biggest award of the ceremony has always been Movie of the Year. Since the show’s inception in 1992, this award honored such movies as “Titanic” and “The Matrix.” This year the majority of people expected that such an award would be granted to “The Avengers,” which is the movie that took home the honor. Similarly, “Silver Linings Playbook” received much praise during the ceremony, having been nominated seven times and amassing three awards. Among them were Bradley Cooper for Best Male Performance and Jennifer Lawrence for Best Female Performance. Both actors also won for Best Kiss. Wilson gathered two popcorn statuettes for Best Breakthrough Performance and Best Musical Moment. Other big stage impressions included Emma Watson receiving the Trailblazer Award (and receiving high praise on her outfit by the Internauts). Tom Hiddleston took home the award for Best Villain. The ceremony was a nice refresher from the “Twilight” saga infatuation during the last four consecutive ceremonies, and the only remainder of the fading trend was Taylor Lautner’s Best Shirtless Performance award. Lautner handled the honor awkwardly by getting onstage with a fake beer belly.

The ceremony also contained musical interludes, including Selena Gomez performing her new single “Come and Get it,” as well as an appearance from Macklemore, Ryan Lewis and Ray Dalton performing “Can’t Hold Us.” The opening of the ceremony was marked by a bizarre semimusical piece by Wilson, leaving many wondering how much parody can be allowed to replace quality onstage.

Considering the popular and teen-oriented nature of the event, the bar of expectations was lowered accordingly. Yet many agree that the ceremony was distastefully conducted. The writers ensured the public to have mixed feelings and the mothers in the audience to be on their toes in order to cover their children’s eyes. From the pink-footed, pajama-clad Wilson riding on the back of a dancer, to Seth Rogen and Danny McBride undressing, to Snoop Lion and Ke$ha sharing a joint onstage, MTV definitely went for a memorable performance. A reflection remains: Minus the body humor, there is very little funny substance left, and being a ceremony held to honor the entertainment industry , it seems very ironic.