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Orgazum T-shirt allows for power of expression

Have something you want to share with the world? Say it with a shirt! Orgazum, a student-run business created by Drexel sophomores Saurabh Bihani, Aryan Jain and Vinayak Kalani, is providing the Drexel population with cheap custom-printed T-shirts. Bihani serves as marketing director, Jain heads product development, and Kalani is the general manager of design and designer selections.

The three business students first began brainstorming and decided to bring together business and fashion during their sophomore year. Inspired by what they learned in their classes, they strove to come up with a way to put their new knowledge of business to use in the real world. With that and an investment of $400, Orgazum came to life.

Their primary goals as student entrepreneurs are to gain the experience of running all aspects of a small company and to give students a cost-free creative outlet through which they can display their designs.

Once their business model was perfected, the hunt for designers began. Through emails, flyers and word of mouth, they eventually assembled their ace trio of Samantha Sudai, Asha-more Smith and Suzette A. Dorrielan, to whom they give their most sincere thanks.

Working with Orgazum gives these artists the opportunity to expand the contents of their portfolios as well as getting publicity.

The actual process of shirt production is a simple one. Sudai, Smith and Dorrielan have free reign to come up with their ideas. Once they have some options put together, the group chooses their favorites. These move on to be finalized and printed. A final Orgazum shirt comes in at a super-affordable $10. To show their concern for the world outside of Drexel, the Orgazum crew donates 50 cents of that payment to the Philadelphia AIDS Thrift organization.

Orgazum has been a hit with the Dragons. Kalani owes their success to the “by-students, for-students” nature of the business, a rather unique approach to take for a growing enterprise. Because the designers are of the same demographic as the consumers, they know just what their audience wants in a shirt.

So far, their biggest struggle has been to make a name for themselves on campus because they’re contending with so many nearby big-name stores.

Through a launch party and promotion at “Nasha” (a Drexel Indian Undergraduate Student Association-sponsored event), the Orgazum crew has been able to sell almost 150 shirts and make a niche for itself. The crew plans to organize more promotional events soon.

Bihani, Jain and Kalani hope to widen the selection of apparel they produce and continue to help their fledgling business thrive. The trio’s drive and creativity is certain to bring around some new big ideas.

So next time you’re looking for a tee that doesn’t break your budget, just remember their slogan: “Orgazum-You can’t get a better one!”

Anyone interested in learning more about Orgazum or picking up a shirt of their own can contact [email protected] or check out Orgazum’s Facebook page or in-progress website.