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Kreature’s “Genesis” plans to destroy the human race

Photo by Sean Ross | The Triangle

Currently based in Philadelphia, Kreature is an artist that wants to “wreak havoc with its army of mutated insects” through their dark and intricate dubstep music. “Genesis,” released on Nov. 4, is the first EP of (hopefully) many projects in the future. 

As if the music itself wasn’t good enough, the EP is story-based, following Subject 069, an entity that represents the physical embodiment of the human emotion disgust, created in and experimented on in a lab. Throughout the EP, we watch as Subject 069, later named “The Creature,” escapes the lab with the help of various mutated animals, destroying anything and everything in its way. The EP has six tracks with a run time of just under 20 minutes. Even in such a short amount of time, Kreature is able to fully immerse the listener in the story through equally impressive production and storytelling. 

The title track of the EP “Genesis” opens with a radio transmission warning the listener of Subject 069 and the destruction they’ve caused in the lab. A rising synth crescendos as the radio transmission continues, followed by a thumping 808 that only briefly cuts out before the beat drops. Kreature does a fantastic job at setting up the storyline and creating an immersive atmosphere with both the transmission and instrumentation throughout the piece. A highlight of the song comes in around the 2:10 mark when, after a quieter dynamic shift, a chorus is introduced, completely subverting the listener’s expectations and intensifying the song. Overall, the song is a perfect introduction to who Kreature is and sets the tone for the rest of the story.

After a seamless transition from the previous song, “Laboratory Log 012” brings the audience back to the beginning of the Creature’s story. The anonymous scientist from the radio transmission details how Subject 069 was created and alludes to the problems to come. Similar to “Genesis,” “Laboratory Log 012” does a great job at continuing the story in a way that is engaging and leaves the audience eager for what is to come.

Breach VIP was a single released back in Feb. 2021 before making it onto the EP–for good reason. This song gives the listener enough information on the story of the EP without giving it all away. A robotic voice repeats “Subject 069 has breached containment. Please evacuate the facility immediately” throughout the beginning of the song until it fades into the beat drop. My personal favorite part of the piece is a brief drum break that appears for under two seconds, another great example of how Kreature is able to creatively keep the listener entertained. “Breach VIP” highlights Kreature’s incredible production skills and storytelling abilities.

Intervention VIP” is another terrific example of Kreature’s production skills. From the sampling of Kira’s laugh in “Death Note” to the dramatic synth strings at the beginning of the song, it is hard to believe that Kreature was able to come out the gate with this level of production. While the transitions between songs within “Genesis” are already a testament to how well the story of the EP is layed out, “Intervention VIP” is particularly good at tone switching without straying from the overall concept. After a couple of full listens through the EP, I find myself gravitating towards this song the most.

While “Intervention VIP” was my favorite song off of the EP, I found that “Infantry stood out the most to me. The eerie entrance of the song followed by intense instrumentals and another log titled “Laboratory Log 013” felt to me like a pivotal point in both the story and the EP itself. Log 013 explains that the animals in the lab are starting to gravitate towards Subject 069 and that they’re slowly starting to regret creating the Creature. The final section of the song perfectly transitions into the closing song of the EP.

Mission Statement is the perfect way to end the EP. The track runs just under 2 minutes and consists of a message from  itself in the year 2040. The Creature explains that they took over the body of the scientists from the laboratory logs and that “nobody is safe” from their destruction. “Mission Statement” creatively closes out the EP while also serving as the perfect potential introduction for another project. 
Whether you are looking for a good story, great production or just overall good music, “Genesis” has something for new and returning dubstep listeners alike. Be sure to keep an eye out for new music and future projects from Kreature.