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Indie rocker Kevin Devine explains Kickstarter and double album drop

You might have heard of Kevin Devine through his side project with Manchester Orchestra and Bad Books. What you might not know is that Devine actually releases his own music.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

In October, Devine released his two newest albums, “Bubblegum” (produced by Jesse Lacey of Brand New) and “Bulldozer” (produced by Rob Schnapf), with the help of funds donated by his fans via Kickstarter. After the 45-day time period expired, Devine had raised over two times the amount he asked for, bringing in an astounding $114,805.

To promote the two albums, Kevin Devine and The G–d— Band set out on a U.S. tour with a United Kingdom tour to follow. Supporting bands on the U.S. shows are Harrison Hudson and Now, Now. In fact, the tour is hitting Philly Nov. 21.

Although Devine has been busy on tour, he put aside a few minutes to answer questions via email about Kickstarter, Jesse Lacey, Rob Schnapf and touring in general:

The Triangle: Tell me about your Kickstarter experience; what is your perspective on Kickstarter?

Kevin Devine: I think Kickstarter is a great way to enable musicians in my position to create a direct relationship with their audience and cut out the middleman. I wasn’t sure we would reach our goal, but I was obviously humbled and shocked when it did what it did.

TT: Why did you decide to release two records at the same time?

KD: I thought it was a neat and different way to utilize the fundraising medium, something I might be uniquely positioned to use since I make a few different kinds of music under my name.

TT: You’ve worked a lot with Jesse Lacey and Rob Schnapf. Have they made an impact on your music at all? If so, how?

KD: They both have; anyone you work with does if you’re open to being impacted. Jesse was enthusiastic and creative in a very exciting way. Rob [taught] me a lot about musicality and arrangement. I feel like I got better in different ways through each experience.

TT: What is your favorite song off either of the albums and why?

KD: I feel like that changes every night. Today I’ll say “Safe” from “Bulldozer” and “Bloodhound” from “Bubblegum” because I like how they feel when I sing them.

TT: You are currently on tour with Now, Now and Harrison Hudson. What’s that like?

KD: It’s cool, really fun and smooth and successful. I’ve been friends with Harrison a while and really liked the last Now, Now album, so I asked them out and they said yes — every boy’s dream.

TT: Why did you start writing music?

KD: My mom got me into music. She is a big fan, and I’m sure that’s part of what got me into writing, too. In terms of bands, my mom’s [Bob] Dylan and Beatles records begat Guns N’ Roses begat Nirvana begat indie rock and punk rock begat Elliott Smith begat my own Dylan and Beatles, etc., rediscovery.

TT: Looking back on everything, has all of the hard work been worth it?

KD: It’s all very much worth it; it’s a life’s work. I do my best to keep present so my favorite moment is being where I am — on my better days, at least.