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Higher Brothers tear the roof off of the TLA

Chinese hip-hop group, Higher Brothers came to the Theatre of the Living Arts on South Street May 3. The group is currently on their, “Wish you were Rich tour.” The group consists of members MaSiWei, DZknow, Psy.P and Melo.

The Higher Brothers are best known for their collaboration with Joji and Rich Brian on the song “Midsummer Madness,” which peaked at 23 on the Billboard Hot R&B songs Chart in June of 2018. The group has other successful songs like “Made in China,” with over 16 million views on YouTube.

Before attending the show, I had minimal knowledge of the group. I quickly discovered that the Higher Brothers have a very dedicated fan base. During the opening act performed by Don Krez, the crowd could not contain their excitement for the arrival of their beloved group. They could be considered a part of the new generation of rap: mumble rap. There were many times throughout the night where I had no idea what they were saying, partly because it was in Chinese. As someone who tends to listen to alternative rock, this definitely was not my typical scene. However, I still had a great time. Even though I had no clue as to what they were rapping about in the songs, it was still easy to keep up with the beats and dance along. It is fun to explore music outside of your comfort zone. I never usually listen to rap and it was a great time.

The group was dressed in baggy, bright colored clothing and rocked fun hairstyles.

The energy during the concert was insane. The crowd was jumping up and down throughout the entirety, knowing the words to every song. The Higher Brothers know how to keep their audience entertained and completely focused on their performance. The venue was full of bright lights that were timed to match the beats of the songs.

Just when I had thought the energy couldn’t get any more wild, the group yelled “MOSH PIT!” That was followed by an immediate response of enthusiastic fans running back and forth, while cheering on the group. The Higher Brothers know how to control their audience; the crowd eagerly took part in any direction they suggested. This was most memorable aspect of the show. No one in the crowd was checking their phone, everyone was really in the moment, mesmerized by the show in front of them. My 5-foot stature tends to work against me in events such as these, but the parts of the show I did manage to see were very entertaining. As the night went on, the energy stayed consistent, never dialing down.

The Higher Brothers brought a strong stage presence full of confidence and fearlessness. They consistently leave you wondering what could possibly happen next. If you are looking for a fun night with bright lights, jumping and the occasional mosh pit, then this is the show for you.