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Flor plays a lively show at World Cafe Live

The band Flor with the opener Handsome Ghost performed a very lively show at World Cafe Live Feb. 18.

Upon arriving, I saw a huddled group of young girls sitting at the base of the stage waiting eagerly for the band to pop up on stage and for the show to start. I could tell that these girls have definitely seen the band before and were big fans, most likely bigger fans than the rest of the crowd who slowly started to pile in. I could tell that the band had a diverse audience in all forms, and that everyone was talking about how excited they were to see them. As the lights dimmed down, and the opener Handsome Ghost came on, I took a seat and was ready for a good show.

I had never heard of Handsome Ghost prior to the show and was excited to see what they were about. It is a two person alternative band that implements synthetic instruments into their set. The songs were very deep and enriched with interesting forms of instrumental use such as chimes and deep basses that were not on stage. The first set of songs were pretty much like this, and then they started to slip into a more commercial pop kind of deal.

Almost half of each song was pre-recorded and looped with vocals, guitar and piano played on top of these tracks. A very interesting way to perform, and I could tell that the older generations in the crowd were also confused but really into it. The band had a wonderful sense of humor between each song and made note to engage the audience in a fun and joyful environment.

After Handsome Ghosts’s exciting set, the crowd waited in anticipation. All of a sudden, the World Cafe Live killed the lights and rapid blue strobes started to illuminate the dark room as an eery and intense song with a recording over it started to play. After a few minutes, the band one by one started coming out and the crowd absolutely lost it. Within five minutes, the entire mood changed as they started singing all of the songs from “come out. you’re hiding.”

The audience was fully emerged and singing along to every lyric. As a third person audience member who wasn’t nearly as invested as these Flor lovers were, it was quite exciting to see. As a person who is rarely into commercial music, it took me a bit to get into the groove and appreciate what was happening around me. Flor is definitely a band aimed for a 12-year-old to 20-year-old age range and almost makes you feel a nostalgia for boy bands from our middle school days.

The one thing that did catch the audience off guard was how the band members treated each other and the audience at certain points. In between songs, the lead said and I quote “I see some fans from New York! I’m glad you look worse than us!” Which did not get as much of a laugh as he thought he’d get. Then between songs the bandmates would make slight jabs at each other that clearly were not in a light heart.

To say the least, these two instances were not at all enough to stop the audience from loving them and singing along to every song set forth. Their outfits were modest and fit perfectly into the “boy band” persona that they portray very accurately. The most lively from the band were definitely the lead singer and the drummer. These two really stole the show and were the life of the party. The lead’s pitch was smooth and flawless while the drummer never seemed to miss a beat all while jumping around and dancing.

All in all, the band went into this venue with the intention of blowing the audience away which is exactly what they did. With a good crowd, and good vibes, nothing could truly trump the night for all of us. Although Flor and their music are not my cup of tea, I most definitely had an experience and took note of how everyone differs when it comes to music. I was glad to see the rest of the audience having a good time, and wish Flor the best of luck with the rest of their tour.