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Coast Modern heats things up on chilly autumn night

With a name like Coast Modern, you expect a band with a summery vibe. The weather was chilly as I walked into Boot and Saddle Sept. 27, bracing myself for the last taste of the summer.

Los Angeles-based indie-pop duo Coast Modern came on stage as a four piece. Frontmen Coleman Trapp and Luke Atlas were the main event, but had brought along with them a drummer and bassist.

The audience did not shift after opening band Salt Cathedral left the stage, making it clear that the 150-person venue was packed with fans of the headlining band touring their self-titled debut album “Coast Modern.”

Starting with the lead track off the album, the duo performed “Going Down,” one of their more traditional sounding songs. After a few more songs, including the stellar cover of D.R.A.M.’s “Cute,” I began to question which of the album’s high-energy 18 songs would be played. Surprisingly,  nearly every non-interlude song was played with the exception of a personal favorite, “Frost.” It was a jam packed setlist.

Highlights from the show include Trapp demanding the audience close their eyes and pretend the venue was a jungle before playing the jungle-vibe song “Way It Was,” and the band informing the audience they had an encore but would just get right into it because the venue was too small to allow them to properly walk off stage.

The man next to me at the show shouted “run it up!” after every song, and was delighted to hear “Run It Up” played during the encore with the band’s 2015 lead single “Hollow Life.”

Coast Modern definitely had an amazing live show, but I felt like the band was missing a dynamic stage presence. Trapp’s pacing the stage and awkwardly staring at fans, combined with the occasional dance move, was the only onstage presence the band had. It would have been nice to see Trapp and Atlas interact a bit on stage. The studio version of the song “Tiny Umbrella,” has a small bit of banter during the bridge where the two artists are comparing taking shots and drinking cocktails, before the chorus cheers, “I’m gonna take my time.” During the show, this banter was not included, but seemed like a perfect opportunity for the duo to have a goofy on-stage interaction.

Coast Modern brought a lot of energy to an otherwise plain set. The duo clearly has a lot of passion and love for their music, but lacked the on-stage presence that truly would have refined their show. Regardless, Coast Modern is a fun, unique band with one of my favorite albums of 2017.

The band hung out after the show to meet fans, truly proving that not only are they talented musicians, but wonderful people too.