Cirque du Soleil to present ‘Toruk: The First Flight’ at Wells Fargo | The Triangle

Cirque du Soleil to present ‘Toruk: The First Flight’ at Wells Fargo

From March 8 to12, Philadelphia will be welcoming “Toruk: The First Flight” to Wells Fargo Center for Cirque du Soleil’s first touring production since 2015.

Inspired by James Cameron’s “Avatar,” “Toruk” immerses you in a live experience of visuals, cinematics and breathtaking spectacles. It is an adventure like no other as Cirque du Soleil juxtaposes its unique and exquisite styling with the fantasy universe of “Avatar.

These two separate, artistic worlds, derived from immense creativity and imagination coming together, have created a visually stimulating experience that has the potential to capture any audience. Clearly, it has done just that with an additional performance added March 10 due to popular demand.

Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon, the directors of this show, have made sure to leave their legacy within this live performance. Not only are they directors and innovators of multimedia, but they are also creators of a new world in which the crowd is transported to a place of coexistence and connectivity of unlikely experiences.

The creative genius is exposed within the story that unfolds as Cirque du Soleil vividly narrates a mythical legend that dates thousands of years prior to what the actual film “Avatar” illustrates. The sacred Tree of Souls is threatened to be destroyed, so two boys, Ralu and Entu, decide to fix this matter on their own. Toruk is able to help them save the Tree of Souls, thus, the boys along with their new friend, Tsyal, set out on a journey to seek the predator. This fable involves a prophecy being fulfilled, countless adventures and a sense of heroism all depicted through impressive puppet mastery.

Cirque du Soleil is a platform unlike any other that is more than capable of taking such a tale and turning it into a festival for the eyes. Through acrobats and visual effects, Pandora is manifested right in front of the audience. The live atmosphere sets the stage for a new kind of storytelling in which discovery, creativity and imagination come to life. This exceptional odyssey, as presented by a Na’vi storyteller, exudes the idea of endless possibilities on the stage but takes it to a whole new level.