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Band pays tribute to Grateful Dead

On Nov. 25, Dark Star Orchestra, known for being a Grateful Dead cover band, performed at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square. Fans that share a love for the group experienced a significant dedication that is a tribute to the old-time famous band.

Every show that Dark Star Orchestra performs is recreated from a concert that was previously played by the Grateful Dead. Dark Star Orchestra has been playing the Grateful Dead’s music for 14 years, and this remarkable band will soon be celebrating their 2,000th show.

The Best Buy Theater, previously known as the Nokia Theater, is a smaller venue with general admission. The floor had groups of people standing, while farther back there were seats where audience members could sit. The concert started off with Shakedown Street at 8 p.m. This band shook up the crowd with fans dancing with excitement to gear up for the night ahead. The light show started immediately with the song, and the sight of the differently colored lights flashing on the crowd mesmerized almost everyone in the mass of people.

Dark Star Orchestra performed at the Best Buy Theater in New York City's Time Square Nov. 25. The group has been performing the Grateful Dead's music for 14 years and will soon be celebrating the 2,000th show.
Following the kickoff from Shakedown Street, the whole ground was pulsing with vibrations, not only from the band but from the fans’ sheer excitement. The show was recreated from Sept. 20, 1982, when the Grateful Dead performed at Madison Square Garden. Shakedown Street had gone into “New Mingelwood Blues,” and from there they played “Candyman,” “El Paso,” “Dupree’s Diamond Blues,” “It’s All Over Now,” “Never Trust a Woman,” “Row Jimmy,” “Throwing Stones” and finally “Keep Your Day Job.” The incredible first set kept the majority of people staying where they were, either standing or seated because of the massive crowd.

After intermission, the second set began with “Scarlet Begonias” followed by “Fire on the Mountain,” which kept everyone on their feet, dancing to the famous Grateful Dead jam sessions.

After that, they played “Man Smart (Woman Smarter)” and moved into “Terrapin Station.” Next, two of the drummers performed together and you could literally feel the vibration from the drums flowing through the ground and blasting through the speakers. After the drums, they played “Truckin,” “The Other One,” “Stella Blue” and “Sugar Magnolia.”

Finally, Dark Star Orchestra closed with “Touch of Grey,” which is a lively song. By the end of the concert, everyone had poured out of the theater still dancing the night away. Every band member sang and performed with an incredible amount of passion, with smiles on their faces while making all the fans happy to hear music from a past era. From the beginning to the end, people danced and sang their hearts out, providing a good upbeat energy for the crowd and band. The performance was amazing to see, and the age of people who came to enjoy the music ranged from young adults to senior citizens.

If you are a fan of the Grateful Dead or jam bands or would even just like to see an amazing show, I would highly suggest seeing Dark Star Orchestra for a fantastic performance.