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A season of ‘The Bachelor’ like no other comes to an end

Another season of ABC’s “The Bachelor” has come and gone, and I have to say this has been one of the greatest seasons so far — and I am a hard sell when it comes to reality television.

This season broke so many of the franchise’s unspoken rules. Just this past week, we heard conversation from the producers, had a contestant leave but come back to the show and a runaway bachelor. And, believe it or not, the show did not end with the infamous limo exits. There was not even a proposal.

Colton Underwood’s strong desire to remain true to himself proved to be the best approach a bachelor has ever taken. I thought the biggest pull this season was going to be his virginity, but it turned out to be his good heart.

One of the greatest criticisms of “The Bachelor” year after year is its lack of reality, despite the title of its genre. But for once, I can say this season was just about as real as they come. For once the host, Chris Harrison, did not make claims of “unfiltered” edits because he didn’t have to. The footage spoke for itself, and it was truly beautiful.

This season’s greatest flaw  is that the producers spent so much time developing the great character that is Underwood that they forgot to develop the relationships on screen. For the first time in my history of watching this franchise, I did not care who he chose at the end of it all.

Apparently, Underwood did not seem to care very much how it ended either. When Cassie Randolph, a 23-year-old speech pathologist from California, decided to send herself home because her dad convinced her she was not ready for an engagement, Underwood completely lost it as he proceeded to hop an eight-foot fence in anger. However, he kept his cool the next day when he begged her to stay. Not going to lie, I shed several tears.

He sent the other two women home, one of them before she even had her date. He really showed Randolph, along with America, how much he loved her.

Randolph and Underwood have now moved within five miles of each other, but they do not have plans to move in together yet. They are breaking the mold of “The Bachelor” history and are taking it slow. Who would have thought it was possible?

Considering how awful the past couple of bachelors have been like unemployed fame-obsessed playboy Nick Viall, and over Aged unaccomplished bowling ball licker Arie Luyendyk Jr., pro-football player virgin golden boy Colton Underwood really saved this franchise for me, and for many others I am sure.

It only figures that they would throw it all away with next season’s “The Bachelorette” pick, Hannah Brown. She has herself claimed  numerous times that she is super awkward, and that was apparent in the season preview.

I am not sure if next season will be one to watch. She gave out her first rose last night, and it was the most awkward thing I have ever watched. It took her about a minute-and-a-half to get the guy’s name out of her mouth, and she kept mumbling about how she was not doing it right. I hope this former pageant queen’s lack of confidence manifests itself as adorable this season, because as of now, I am not here for it.

However, when it premieres May 13, you can be sure that I will be tuning in. I have high hopes that this past season of “The Bachelor” has changed the franchise for forever.