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A Guide to Pair Movies and Snacks

We all have favorite films, but how about favorite movie snacks? Or better yet, what snack has the best movie vibe?

Here’s a comparative list of a handful favorite genres and snacks to match their energy. Next time you plop down on the couch for a quarantine binge, check out some of these snacks.

Veggie Straws make the perfect snack for dramedies such as 2019’s award-winning film “Marriage Story,” available to stream on Netflix. These films are raw and vulnerable; a reminder that you do, in fact, have feelings, but also a great sense of humor — a reminder that you are human. Veggie Straws are the snack moms serve after school on a Thursday afternoon: you have school tomorrow still, but deserve a break from a hard day of failing geometry.

Old black-and-white movies are a blast from the past, just like Red Vines. They aren’t exactly on shelves next to M&M’s or Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Oreos. Think about it: a VHS copy of Cary Grant’s 1959 spy thriller “North by Northwest” is probably on the same shelf in your grandmother’s basement as Red Vines.

The greasy, buttery-but-definitely-not-real-butter guilty pleasure of movie popcorn needs a guilty pleasure of its own: coming-of-age teen movies. Not cinematic complexities such as “Ladybird”, rather comedies like “Superbad.” What it lacks in emotional depth, it makes up for in endearing Michael Cera awkwardness.

Pretzels are another salty snack, this stable and reliable treat pairs nicely to horror movies like the “Scream” series. Crunches of a pretzel mask racing hearts and mimic creaks on a floorboard, while sliced fruit, such as apples, are refreshingly sweet and crunchy, like an iconic rom-com. Curl up on the couch to watch these comforting classics: whether an age-old pairing such as Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant a la “Notting Hill,” or a fresher take like Constance Wu in “Crazy Rich Asians,” these feel-good lovey-dovey flicks deserve a sweet treat.

Big-name studio films, like the newest Marvel or Star Wars addition, deserve the boxed candy of your choosing. Uniting generations of superfans and suckers willing to pay movie theater prices for boxes of dollar store candy, boxes of candy are a much-needed comfort.

Known by many names, including Puppy Chow, Muddy Mix or Reindeer Food, the powdered sugar, chocolate, peanut butter and cereal combo has been served at middle school sleepovers across the country, in a time before we cared about sugar intake and budgets for films. That’s right: Disney Channel Original Movies. What other genre is deserving of this nostalgic treat — or of Zac Efron’s singing skills.